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The flexibility of this loan is one its most attractive features. Daily or Weekly paybacks based on a percentage of sales have a minimum impact on cashflow. We only get paid when you get paid.

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Lou’s Business FLOURISHED Thanks to His Own Relentless Persistence

Lou’s Mechanical was in some seriously dire straits! His same-day handy-man mechanic service was falling behind on payroll. Just as he was beginning to run out of rope, a semblance of Vegas bank account breaking luck hit him .

“With my own financing in hand and more under my control, my employees were paid overnight! I couldn’t keep up with the work orders! That’s mostly because I was really slowed down by continuously having to chase down my payments. It was terrifying not having the money to pay them. But thank goodness, the paid invoices!”

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Advances or Short-term financing can help you take care of immediate needs in your business quickly. Whether that is a cash flow shortfall or a new business opportunity. No collateral is required for short-term financing.

The required documentation is limited and a perfect credit not needed. Nearly every industry can get short-term financing (see our restricted industries list). Short-term financing is an alternative to a traditional bank term loan that is extended based on the monthly sales volume at your business, and not your personal or business credit history. Short-term financing is available with terms from three to 24 months and it is generally repaid through automatic deductions from your business bank account to make an easier, effortless business financing process. The application and approval process is faster, most of the time taking only 1 to 2 days to complete, and no collateral is required.



Medium-term loans are simple interest business loans typically with a low rate and flexible terms ranging from one to five years. They tend to have no prepayment penalties. No collateral is required for a medium-term loan, but a personal guarantee is requested. You have an opportunity to buy out a competitor. You may be looking to remodel or expand.

A medium-term loan will enable you to get the capital you need in a reasonable time for your project, and take up to five years to repay, so that project can mature. Some business needs demand financing with a longer term. A medium-term loan offers low rates and flexible terms, and often does not require collateral, to account for those business needs.



An SBA loan is a loan issued by a traditional lender or alternative finance company that is backed by a guarantee from the U.S. Small Business Administration. An SBA loan is a low-interest, government-backed loan. SBA loans give you the longest term, lowest rates, and are repaid monthly. There are four different types of loan guarantee programs through the SBA: 7(a) loans, CDC 504 loans, micro-loans and disaster loans.

Because of their federal guarantee, SBA loans are the lowest cost long-term funding available to small businesses. Before the involvement of alternative finance in the SBA market, getting an SBA-guaranteed loan was a lengthy, cumbersome process, which has now been simplified. Businesses that have been in business for at least two years are eligible. Collateral can be required for loans of more than $25,000 in some situations.



New and pre-owned equipment leases with little or no down payments or collateral required. Add equipment to your business and don’t tie up your capital. For some businesses, it’s as simple as a smartphone and tablet computer, for others it’s a box truck, or a full suite of medical tools, dialysis and an X-ray machine. Some of the equipment you use can be used for many years, while some other items you may purchase might be broken or no longer relevant in 24 months. There are ways to get this equipment–and finance it instead of tying up your capital in it.

The approval process is fast, the payment schedule is more then affordable, and there are potential tax advantages that you may receive. In 2015, Congress passed a bill, Section 179 deduction permanent, which will allow small businesses to write off up to $500,000 in qualifying equipment in the year in which it is purchased.Receive a quick decision and get the equipment you need.



Invoice financing is based on your current outstanding invoices and/or receivables. The final decision of the loan process is based on your customer that has been invoice, not you or your business. Invoice Factoring, is financing based on business-to-business transactions that turns the money owed to you by your customers into ready accessible capital for your business.

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