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It's not generally simple being a women entrepreneur, particularly when you are attempting to raise funds for your business. As indicated by research (PDF) from Babson College, supported by Ernst and Young, 85 percent of the 6,793 businesses are funded by venture capital between of 2011 and 2013 had no ladies on the official group by any means. This is when a women entrepreneur has proved they have force to be reckoned with. It’s significant that the startup game is a troublesome on to get into, regardless of your gender, business women lending.

Venture capitalists, financial institutions and other lenders often deny numerous types of entrepreneurs in business women lending. Considering that in the first half of 2014, out of all small businesses that applied for a loan, only half were approved for the amount. This way includes general difficulties that small companies face to secure venture alongside the one of a kind obstacles women encounter for business women lending and you have a genuinely difficult task.

Understanding grants

Entrepreneurs frequently turn to grants since they are not required to pay them back; basically, you can look at grants as ‘free cash’ however they come with stipulations. Additionally, understanding and exploring the grant process can be difficult. To start with, you need to research and discover a grant for which you’re qualified. At that point, you need to understand the strict application and consistence rules you should meet, to be qualified. Third, you need to contend with different businesses for a similar pool of cash. Fourth, in case you’re granted a grant, you should investigate how to utilize it. Finally, you should give time and energy to the extensive application process, and then sit tight for approval. More or less, you need the greater part of you ducks in a row, up-front and afterwards.

Venture capitalists support their own

There is a tendency for venture capitalists to invest into start up ran by individuals who share directly or indirectly connection. The issue with this is the business and political world is still overwhelmingly male and no is paying attention to business women lending. In the venture capital world, where 89% of investors are male, women entrepreneurs are getting neglected for funding in favor of giving the cash to the men with whom they share an association.

There are investors with unintentional -- or intentional -- bias

For minority women entrepreneurs, the issues are additionally exacerbated. Black women claim 1.5 million organizations in America that create about $44 billion every year. However, black females just acquire 0.2 percent of venture capital investment dollars. There are endless individual encounters that show exactly how terrible it can get for some minority female entrepreneurs for business women lending.

With both unintentional discrimination and intentional discrimination restricting the access of women entrepreneurs to financing, it’s clear a more noteworthy push should be made to separate these obstructions. Investors, lenders and other financial firms require more noteworthy training on the capability of ladies to enhance the business world. The numbers don’t lie. It’s clear; investors require more awareness on how discrimination only gets in the way of opportunity and progress for others as well as themselves.

Finding federal and state grants

Numerous entrepreneurs imagine that government grants are only a click away. We have all observed advertisements promoting free federal cash to start business. But this is a huge misconception. Where there are government grants accessible in the regions of medical research, science, education and technology development, no such grants exist particularly for women-owned business. In fact you may find grants that fund projects that empower women, but such funding is often set aside for nonprofit corporations.

When researching for grants particularly for a women-owned business, begin at the state level. Most states offer grants for women-owned business in some limit. Each state site has a business area where you can discover grant and funding opportunities for women and minority-claimed organizations. Check out your state website to figure out what is available for your business.

Despite all this, the future is bright

In spite of all the obstacles women entrepreneurs face, there has never been a better time in U.S. history to be a woman entrepreneur. The number of women-owned firms has grown 68 percent since 2007, significantly higher than the national normal of 47%. Statistics like this keep on indicating progress and greener paths ahead for female entrepreneurs. While the troubles those women have in acquiring business funding won’t be settled overnight, there remain a lot of approaches to conquer these difficulties. It begins with being fearless and resilient, and completely investigating all the potential alternatives.

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